Herb (hardyharhar) wrote,

Still We Ride

It was kind of sad for me to ride around Justin Herman Plaza yesterday, after all my friends flaked  [not counting the ones who've fled the Bay Area], looking for buddies to ride with on Critical Mass.  There was a day when I couldn't turn my head in one direction without hearing voices call out my name from every corner.  Alas.  Time stands still for no one, and it wasn't long before the ride started and I ran into old and new friends alike--I'd just been being impatient, as it turned out.

Big Chris was still out there, keeping it real by handing out flyers about how SF is falling behind cities like NYC, Amsterdam and Berlin in terms of assuring bike safety, and put a name on idea I've always supported--"stop roll." [Note:  I ride a bicycle, a motorcycle, and my feet, and I feel that bicycles' right-of-way should supersede all others on account of bikes require the most effort to get going again after a full stop.]

Sunny was reppin' for Mark Sanchez and Jen Angel rolled up behind me right before we hit the endless hill in the Presidio.  The funniest exchange I had was with one of Sparki's new room mates though.  This was still back on Justin Herman when I was feeling kind of left out and then he and I spotted one another and the conversation went something like this:

Him:  Hey, aren't you...?

Me:  Yeah!  And you're Scott's new room mate.

Him:  Right.  Didn't we just become friends on facebook?

Me:  Mmhm.  What's your name again?

Him:  Jamie.  And yours is...?

Ah yes, the virtual social fabric we weave...Anyway, thanks for riding with me Jaime!

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