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Tomorrow is the first day of classes, which means it's my first day teaching assistanting. (There is no good verb for that.)

Everyone's been axxing if I'm nervous. I'm really not, but I think it's because I don't really understand the challenges that lie ahead. (Ignorance is bliss...) Doot doot doot. La la la. It's like being the teacher's pet, right? Comes natural to me. Nothing to worry about.


You see, I've always had the luxury/confidence/privilege to pretty open and unrelenting about who I am and what I do. (I'm sure this has much to do with the fact that I was the only freak with a bun on his head all through elementary school.) Pretty much the only thing I ever lied about was drugs, and I don't even hide that anymore, now that the worst is behind me. (One of the luxuries of being an artist is that to do a really good job you're expected to be a depraved libertine.)

But now...now there's kids involved. A potential academic career. And kids...with lots of free time and high-speed internet...My goose is cooked.

What if they stalk me online? It's not like nobody's ever done it before. (I know you're out there!) It's not like I've ever used an anonymous handle in the many places I go trolling. It's not like I don't let my sordid junk hang out all over the place. It's not like I have a reputation to maintain!

I mean, it's post-colonial lit that I'm TAing, so I'd be negligent if I didn't point them to these seminal Sepia Mutiny posts.  Then, all my comments on SM point back to this here LiveJournal and you see my predicament.  (Not to mention the other disreputable forums I hang my hat in.)

Shit. (I mean "shoot!") So this is why people choose avatars and pseudonyms....

In other news, I went to see Juno tonight. It was a good, solid, well-made movie, I suppose, but I don't see what all the hype is about. (Is it just me or is everybody talking about how great this movie is?) The girl who plays Juno and Justin Bateman were great, really awesome, and so were all the other characters. The soundtrack by the Moldy Peaches was fantastic. I cried. But was it a "must see?" Not for me. For one thing, the writers were trying WAY too hard on the hip dialog.

The reason I tell you this is not to take issue with the hype surrounding Juno, though, but to lambast the stoned moran who enthusiastically shouted "yes" and "peace is good" through the preview for what looks like an awful movie about the similarities between shalom and salaam. (It's no West Bank Story, I'll tell you that much.)

Stupid moran. Consider yourself lambasted.

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