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I was on my way to the Greyhound Station today when I ended up buying a membership at the SFMOMA. 

It was a beautiful day, see, and I was riding the bus to retrieve from a box from Greyhound Package Express containing all my motorcycle gear (so I am officially in the market for a 2003 Triumph Thunderbird Sport, now.)  (Officially.)  But it was just so nice out that I decided to get off the bus early and walk the last few blocks.  And while I was at it, I figured why not swing by the MOMA and Yerba Buena to pick up the latest events calendars and check out the fly tourist honies?

So I went up the the information desk and I got talked into buying a student membership.  I have to say, though, it didn't take much to convince me.  Then, I couldn't just buy a new museum membership and walk away, so, despite the fact that it was a Saturday (i.e. CROWDED) and a BEAUTIFUL Saturday at that, I figured I'd take a quick looksee.  And I have to say it was one of the most fun museum experiences I've had--and I've been to a lot of museums in a lot of different states of mind and had a variety of experiences, let's just say.

What made today different, though, was that it was so low pressure.  I was rockin the latest Solid Steel podcast on my headphones and just bopping around wherever my whimsy carried me--avoiding the crowded areas and just breezing along.  I didn't spend too much time on stuff I liked (because I can go back as often as I please!) and I didn't deal with tourists and I didn't bother reading plaques--just bopped around for a little while and checked out a cool Sylvie Blocher video about rich assholes (in their own words), and dug on some SECA award winners--particularly Leslie Shows, and some Brice Marden paintings that made me really happy before I bailed the fuck out on account of it was crowded and the novelty was wearing off.

Then I crossed the street to Yerba Buena, you know, to pick up their new calendar, and learned that there's going to be an R. Crumb opening in a couple weeks when Tish is here.  I stopped in their lounge to send a text message and flipped through a book of prints by Artemio Rodriguez that reminded me a lot of Eric Drooker's work.

Now, it's 11 pm and I'm at home wondering if I should go meet the Kats at Kontrol.  I haven't been in a long time, since it was at the RX Gallery, but I've been going out too much and not doing enough school work.  On Wednesday I caught John Vanderslice at the Independent.  Then, on Thursday, one of my favorite bands, The Coup played an unannounced set at the Boom Boom Room (two blocks from my house) at midnight, after their show across the street at the Fillmore.  (Fillmore show--$28.  Later show--$7.)  Then, last night, my friend Susan's new band Her Grace the Duchess played Annie's Social Club.

So...Kontrol or no Kontrol?  Go to bed early, ride out to the beach in the morning, and get some work done tomorrow afternoon?  I do need to get a lot of work done before Tish comes on the 14th.  Yeah, that settles it.  I'm staying in.  Now if I could only get off of this site, I might just get some work done.


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