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Get Stoopid

Today I had some Hyphy Juice for some pick me up** and to indulge my new hobby--collecting cans/posters/promotional materials for local energy drinks. It all started when I noticed a poster for Hunid Racks in my San Francisco neighborhood. That's right, my 'hood has it's own damn energy drink--how you like me now? Naturally, my only option was to take the poster, find a store that sold the stuff, and build an altar in my apartment. So I was back in Houston a couple weeks ago when I spotted a poster for something called "Drank - The Anti-Energy Drink." Yup, my hometown's got it's own answer to the energy drink phenomenon, too, and it's ANTI-energy. The store was sold out so I convinced the man to let me take the poster. A few days later I finally found a store that had it in stock. It's a strange purple brew containing rose hips, melatonin, and valerian root. The poster bears a warning: "This beverage may be extremely relaxing and calming and may cause one to lean." No shit--I am not making this up.

Meanwhile, I'm running out of room in my apartment for these altars.  Maybe I'll rotate them.

**There is an abandoned Amtrak station in that video.  I went to a renegade circus there once.  What a space!  (No, really, it was beautiful.)
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