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Hilarious commercial #1.  Oh yeah.  I remember those days.  Carpooling to school with Jocasta from next door.    BMX ramps and cardboard boxes in the driveway for break-dancing.  "I'm not the Herb you're looking for."  BK buttons that read "I'm not Herb."  Of course, things would only get worse in the 90s.  (Commercials 1a and 1b, for those who are interested.)

This is what I am doing when I should be editing and revising my "Statement of Purpose" for my PhD application which is due in two days.  Of course, I can't edit and revise my "Statement of Purpose" because I have not written it yet.  Too bad I can't write my "Statement of Purpose" about watching old commercials on YouTube.  I am writing my "Statement of Purpose" about being a writer/activist, which is interesting because my fascination with advertising is what indirectly (through AdBusters) led to my becoming an activist.  And now I am anti-Adbusters.

Which brings me around to interesting commercial #2.  (Buy our shoes!)  The comment thread on that video is kinda innarestin, too.  I saw this while watching American Dad tonight.  Holy shit--I don't usually like that show but tonight's was an excellent James Bond parody.

[UPDATE] Mofos is lookin' at my shit (thank you) and emailing me back instead of leaving comments. Best response so far?

Lou says "My conclusion -- M.I.A. is a herb"

For those of you who like the Rebel Sell articles, check out this German film The Edukators some time.
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