Herb (hardyharhar) wrote,

When I was Born for the Seventh Time

I just read this article and I think it's missing a key reason why people like to deflate their background:  they want to participate in the American "rags to riches" "by the bootstraps" myth.

I remember reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry back in sixth grade.  For a few years afterwards, I would start off any autobiographical piece with the phrase "I was born the son of poor black sharecroppers..."  (Being a big fan of Steve Martin's The Jerk prolly had something to do with that, too.)  I'm glad that somebody I respect finally told me how corny I was being.

I'm also reminded of certain jackass suburban "gangstas" from my parents' temple who claim to be from "The Ghettoes of Punjab."  Puh-lease!  You are a chump who's been to jail too many times because you are stupid, not because you're hard or the man is keeping you down.
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